Mkv Problem on Mac Snow Leopard

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Mkv Problem on Mac Snow Leopard

Post by Seppoh » Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:35 am

Hey folks,

I´ve got a problem with my samsung b 650, twonky 5.1.2 and the matroska files.
Every time i used to play a mkv file an info showed up on the tv, that this video codec is not supported.
But, when i tried it with a hdd over usb, theres no problem.
-> problem with my streaming

I´ve heard something about changing the clients.db, but here is my problem, i can´t find this file on my mac. ( just e
In the isn´t a file where i can change something, that my tv supports mkv.
like this case:

NA:Samsung LED 7090 DLNA 1.5
MT:mkv video/MP4V-ES
MT:avi,divx video/x-divx
MT:mp4 video/MP4V-ES
MT:mpeg,mpeg2,vdr,spts,tp,ts,m2ts video/mpeg
MT:ogg audio/x-ogg
MT:flac audio/flac
MT:mp1,mp2,mp3 audio/mpeg
MT:mp3 audio/mp3

does somebody know, where i can change this, that it´s working on my mac?

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Re: Mkv Problem on Mac Snow Leopard

Post by violaping » Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:00 am

cannot play mkv videos on the tv :shock:
That's a little weird.. have you ever try other ways like playing other format video or not playing on tv?

I am not sure about the solusion...but i think we could try MKV Video to DVD Converter for Mac to solve this problem.

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