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Twonky Server - Photo Sort for TV

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:56 pm
by Hector
Hi, Please can you help?
I am using Twonky server with MacBook Pro and Panasonic TV TX-L37D25B - I find that photos are sorted by DATES TAKEN, Is their any way that I can configure the Server to allow the photos to be sorted by FILE NAME when presented to the TV.

I have recently made an Photo-Album and inserted jpeg files with titles to fit into the presentation. Hence I have made the file names to fit into the presentation at the correct places. However, the server and TV only allows the photos to be sorted by dates. Since the TITLE jpeg files have been created after the main photos have been taken, its not possible to make the presentation in the correct order.

I would welcome any guidance to solve the problem.