iTunes Playlist OLD version???

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iTunes Playlist OLD version???

Post by Funky4t » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:29 am

Hi guys,

I´d come to the following problem. It looks like my TMS (6.0.28) has stored some old versions of my Itunes.xml and I´m not able to find that old version. I rebuild the database several times without taking effect on the streamed playlist. I also uninstalled TMS from my system, same result. Fact is that I opend the TMS package in my application folder and checked for the TMS_default.ini. I opened it with Mac OS Textedit and looked up the path for itunes library. I changed it to the path of my brand new and local itunes folder on my macbook and saved it in UTF-16 modus afterwards. Rebuild database, new scan, everything I´ve tried....... TMS showed up the playlist of an old itunes library! HOW is that possible???? I tried it again, but the path to itunes.xml was still correct! I even checked the itunes.xml at the end and couldn´t find any playlist TMS is actually streaming!
Does anybody know if TMS scans the itunes.xml and creates some kind of an internal version of it in a place I´ve missed???? I´m getting crazy, even the reinstallation of TMS wasn´t of any help, as all the old configuration was made automatically on the new installation of TMS, which really wonders me. Looks like I´m missing some kind of preferences file somewhere on my mac, but I can´t find it. No file in users/library/application support! Or is it hidden in there??? What more do I have to do than dragging the TMS file from Applications to my wastebasket and empty the same to get TMS completely (and hopefully with the hidden? config file for playlists) off my system????

I´m facing a similar problem on a fresh installed mac mini, as I simply added some tracks to iTunes, created 3 filled playlists in there and the only streamed playlists are "Favorites" and "Last added"! I´m getting the feeling TMS 6.0.29 is again a little buggy with handling iTunes playlists??? Like V5! Can anyone confirm that??? I´m pretty sure I configured a mac mini for a friend of mine some days ago and everything worked fine then, but now I think that was TMS 6.0.23...... but I´m not sure about that.......and to try it out....6.0.23 is down worse can it get???Let me know if someone has the old 6.0.23 version!!!!

That really bothers me soooo much as the only thing I´d like is to have iTunes playlist support again!!!!
Any help is welcome!
Thanks in advance

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