QNAP Twonky ignores some songs in the playlist

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QNAP Twonky ignores some songs in the playlist

Post by mgk » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:04 pm

I have a major issue by using Twonky 6.039 in a QNAP NAS.

background : I installed my iTunes Datas complete on the NAS. Then it is possible to manage all my songs ( including playlists ) via Itunes from any PC ( windows ).
When I want to hear music, I switch on my IPAD using "plugplayer" and Twonky to stream the music from my NAS to the Ipad ( and then via airplay to my Pioneer Receiver). This runs very well.

But If I want to use playlists, there are two issues :
1.issue : Twonky is not able to use the Playlists from itunes:
Therefore I use a tool from Eric Daugherty to converte the Itunes Playlists into a format *.m3u which I put in the itunes directory. Twonky finds the playlists ( *.3u ) during scanning and so it is possible to use these playlists in my iPad.

2.issue is : Twonky doesn't put every song from the *.m3u list into it's own playlist and I don't know why. If I want to play the song directly it is possible, means Twonky knows how to handle this song. But Twonky doesn't put this track in it's own list.
For examble I have a playlist with 25 songs, but Twonky has only 21 songs in his list, so I cannot find 4 of them by streaming.

to point 1. : this is a minor issue, because I can live with the situation. If somebody has a better solution please post it here. The best should be that Twonky is able to create it's own playlists from the itunes playlists automatically during scanning.

to point 2. : this is in my opinion a major issue. Here I need some help. Of course I can send the *.m3u file.

update : 09.01.2013
I have updated to Version 7.0.9 - the problem still exists !!! In my m3u playlists are 25 songs, in the twonky playlist only 21

May be somebody can help

update : 10.01.2013

The problem (point 2 ) is solved. It was no issue of twonky.
Solution : if you import a song to itunes and then change some information as the interpreter or title you have to take care that itunes puts these change exactly to the disk. If not ( in my case the interpreter name with small and big letters, blanks,...?) take the songs out of itunes, delete them in itunes, change the mp3 tags with the tool mp3tag.exe and import them in itunes again. Don't forget to put them into the right playlist.
Then you can create the playlists for twonky, rescan and erverything is ok. :D

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