...\twonky-cs407-7.2.1\nassetup.exe not working - advice?

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...\twonky-cs407-7.2.1\nassetup.exe not working - advice?

Post by mmo » Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:24 pm

Hi - I wanted to upgrade the Twonky server on my Synology CS-407 NAS to the latest version.

So I downloaded the twonky-cs407-7.2.1.zip file from http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/7.2.1 -> CS-407, unzipped the file and then executed the contained nassetup.exe as described in the instructions.

However, that installer does not work! I get a dialog but the input fields, particularly the field for the IP address of the NAS, does not react and so I can't enter anything there. The fields for user-id and pwd are even grayed out. Only the Accept and Cancel button work, but since there is no address and no user-id and pwd this does not help...

Both systems, my laptop and the Synology NAS, are attached to the same home network. And I can reach and access the NAS - also via telnet - from the laptop without problem!
Any idea, what could cause this program to hang or be unresponsive right from the beginning? This is on Windows 8 (x64).


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