Twonky 7.09 File playback on LG TV

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Ricky H
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Twonky 7.09 File playback on LG TV

Post by Ricky H » Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:29 pm

Hi - first post and i have searched around and am still at a loss so hope someone can help!

I have a WD Mybook Live running Twonky 7.09 which I am using to stream video to an LG HD TV.

90% of the time this is absolutely fine, however I keep encountering occasions when I receive an error on the TV to the effect that the file type is not supported. Seems straightforward enough... but, when I copy said file to a usb drive, plug into the tv and try and play it, it works fine. Based on this I believed it to be the format of the file wasnt suitable for twonky, but to confirm this I tried playing it back via the My Cloud app on my ipad/iphone expecting it not to work... but it works straight away with no issues whatsoever.

So, I am at a loss as to where the issue is: File plays back over twonky using the app on ipad, it also plays back on the tv from a usb drive, but it wont play over twonky streaming to the tv... I have a few files like this which make it damn frustrating!

Any suggestions where I go next?

Just thought - would it be because the app on ios doesnt stream using twonky?!??

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