How to un-cripple twonky on you seagate central

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How to un-cripple twonky on you seagate central

Post by scottfree1 » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:28 pm

Took me a couple days to cobble this together so fyi (twonky support rocks, seagate support smokes rocks) how to fix your crippled seagate central version of twonky media server..

Login with putty user/pw are the ones created during seagate central setup

issue these commands to re-enable settings, content browse, and twonky beam

sudo curl
sudo curl
sudo curl

Done.. /mic drop

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Re: How to un-cripple twonky on you seagate central

Post by Bez » Wed May 04, 2016 8:09 pm

Hi, I wondered if you could help at all?

I am using a Segate Central and have done for some time. It used to connect to my Roku 2 XS no problem, but I've recently purchased a Samsung Smart TV and done away with the box. The TV can see the Twonky Server but the server doesn't seem to be linked to any of my folders. The server is empty, it seems, and there is no content. Would the solution above help solve this problem? If so is it something a novice should attempt? As I have never even heard of PuTTY until now.0

If not have you any ideas how I can direct the files from my Public Seagate Folder to the Twonky Server?

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