WDmyCloud Streaming Blurry Hi-res Images

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WDmyCloud Streaming Blurry Hi-res Images

Post by kaneelias » Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:51 am

I am looking for some assistance here. I have two Sony Blu Ray Players, BDP-S6500 and a BDP-S3500. Both of which show images as blurry when streamed to the device from my 4TB MyCloud. I can access the same photos on other devices such as my TV, phone etc. with no issues but the two Sony products are affected.

I have another WD NAS, a MyBook Live and I have placed the same photos on that and they are viewed correctly on the Sony players and are not blurred. I have logged into Twonky and tried to replicate the media receivers setting from the MyBookLive to that of what is on the MyCloud with no success.

Furthermore, I have noticed in the Twonky settings for the troublesome MyCloud the Sony players get added twice.

Can anyone please advise what settings the Sony players should be on in the Media Receivers setting as I am pulling my hair out. Thanks
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