8.3 and Asus RT-N16

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8.3 and Asus RT-N16

Post by barquero » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:24 pm


I try to install 83 on my RT-N16, but nothing work.
Twonky load processor 80-90% and no access to web interface.
I ask forum guru on rusian board of RT-N16, they ask me to try use LD_LIBRARY_PATH and show path to 0.9.28 library.
After this Twonky started but restart every 30 second.
Next step I start tvonkyserver directly and twonkyserver crash with Segmentation Fault.

Please help to run 8.3 on RT-N-16.

People from rusian board of RT-N16 tell me that if you try to make binary files with Entware repository it mayb solve problem with start 8.3 on RT-N16

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