WD MyCloud Mirror Gen II Twonky Server settings

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AV Hardware: WD MyCloud Mirror Gen II, 8 TB

WD MyCloud Mirror Gen II Twonky Server settings

Post by badar1 » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:01 am

Hi there,
I have bought the WD MyCloud Mirror GenII, 8 TB NAS and the drive is not
sharing the media files, especially music files. When I look at the sharing
settings, there are not videos, songs or photos are showing as being
shared. I already have activated the sharing option & SSH on the WD setting menu.

The drive has a Twonky software version 7.2.9-11 set-up on this drive.
I am trying to stream the music from the NAS to my Music Streamer n my home network and am
not able to get this working. My Streamer (Niam NDX SX), is able to read the NAS, but noting gets
shared in there.
Appreciate all your help and advice. Many thanks.

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