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MP4 playback on PS4 Pro

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:15 pm
by alexkara
HI All, I have just acquired a PS4 Pro gaming console and want to replace my PS3 as the media player. I found that I could not playback any MP4 videos using Twonky ( Server. All videos successfully played back on my PS3. There were a number of articles on the Internet regarding using "P a v T u b e" to convert "MP4 to PS4", however, I use "P a v T u b e" so I didn't think this was an issue.
While I primarily use Twonky I had the QNAP "Video Station" and "PS3 Media Server" installed. I tried playing vedios through both of them and they played back successfully on the PS4. In view of that I can only assume that Twonky must be doing something to corrupt the videos.
Anyone come across this issue and have any workaround.

Perchance Twonky support may be able to provide some feedback.


Re: MP4 playback on PS4 Pro

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:30 pm
by alexkara
Anyone hitting this same problem rest contented in the fact that the Twonky Support Team has come to my rescue and solved the issue.

The following is their response that fixed the issue:


could you try to set it to Generic Device. Maybe the client adaptation is not needed anymore.
Don't forget to save your changes ;)

Best regards,
Twonky Support Team

This change was made under,
Settings > Sharing > Devices...
Selected the appropriate PS3 (must have been the default setting) confirmed by MAC address and changed "PS3" to "Generic Media Receiver" (top of list).