Configuring Qnap / iTunes / Soundbridge / Twonky

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Configuring Qnap / iTunes / Soundbridge / Twonky

Post by Rage » Thu May 31, 2007 1:10 pm


Here my question, I have done a lot of googling and can't seem to get the answer I need, I am beginning to think that there is no answer TBH. Can anyone help?

Set up:

NAS : Qnap 100 (enabled iTunes and twonky)
Media Player : Pinnacle SoundBridge
PC : iTunes and twonky installed
Music stored on my NAS under "Z:\Music"
iTunes can read all the music in the 'Music' section of the library
There is a second entry in the library under 'shared'. Entitled 'NAS'

My aim:

To play my music collection stored on the NAS without having the PC switched on

The problem:

The Soundbridge can detect the Media Player on the PC and also the NAS and I can select either as the media player, however, in order to play my music files stored under Z:\Music and I have to play it via the PC, I cannot play it via the NAS, it just shows up as an emplty playlist. The only thing it can play are MP3s uploaded to the NAS via the upload option on the Remote Server.

Is there a way to set it up so I can play my music collection stored on the NAS without having the PC switched on

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Post by Rage » Fri Jun 01, 2007 9:29 am

Maybe my explanation was a bit wooly, so Here is my dlilemma, as clear as I can make it.

Wireless router : BT Homehub
PC : Windows XP (wireless connected)
NAS : Qnap TS100, with 400GB HDD (ethernet cabled to router)
Media reciever : Roku Soundbridge (wireless connected)

The NAS has iTunes and Twonkymedia pre-installed.
The NAS acts has a network and web server, so my PC, laptop and the media reciever can access it. The whole point is to centralise my CD collection, so it can be played through my PC, or through my home stero via the Soundbridge.

Now, the MP3 files are also stored on the NAS (it's visible and mapped as drive Z:\) I cannot gain direct access to the iTunes on the NAS, I can only enable it and the bridging software (Twonkymedia), this allows any media reader to see the iTunes on the NAS.

I have ripped songs from iTunes on my PC straight to the Z drive (it has been set up as that way and I have enabled it to see all files on the network). The songs are stored under 'Main' as you would expect. The iTunes on the PC also recognised the iTunes on the NAS and it is represented and shows up as "NAS Enclosure" under the section entitles 'Shared'. I cannot move the songs from 'Main' to 'NAS Enclosure' as you would if you were setting up a playlist

Not sure if this site allows images, but here goes:


So, here is the dilemma.
1. I have everything one, PC, NAS and the Soundbridge.
2. The Soundbridge sees two devices it can read music from.
3. One is the PC, where it can get access to my playlist (stored under 'main')
4. The second is the NAS, but with no songs (stored under 'Shared')
5. The upshot is that in order to play my MP3's I must leave the computer switched on.

What I want to do is as follows

Copy the songs over to the NAS Enclosure (stored under 'shared') so the Soundbridge can read and play directly from the NAS without the need of the computer.

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