How to edit Twonky’s view-definitions.xml?

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How to edit Twonky’s view-definitions.xml?

Post by gmgman » Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:26 am

I have a brand new My Cloud Mirror 8TB device and one thing that bothers me is the way Twonky sorts music files. I prefer browsing my music by folder as I use a specific way to sort my music and browsing by artist etc. is just not what I want. So when I browse by folder, for reasons unknown, the Twonky media server sorts the tracks within a folder in alphabetical order, by track title. It is beyond my understanding why anyone would do such a thing. I mean I have propperly tagged all my music files, with track numbers for the sorting and also the filename order goes by the track number, but why the heck is Twonky sorting those files alphabetically?

Anyways, this seems to be a known issue and people have come up with fixes in the past, by editing Twonky's view-definitions.xml. I found this old post here which explains how to edit the xml: ... l/57163/23 (note that this post is 5 years old and it seems things don't work like that anymore)

I found the file, my problem now is, I'm unable to save the file after editing it? I tried both users sshd and root but I am not able to edit the file or upload a new one. Any idea anyone?

I also read there is a checkbox in the Advanced Settings of Twonky, where you can check "Always use filenames when browsing "By Folder"", but I don't have that setting in my Twonky configuration page.

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Re: How to edit Twonky’s view-definitions.xml?

Post by juergenuhl » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:16 pm

Hi gmgman,

could this be a problem of the client you are using? I have the same problem with my Samsung TV / AllShare client. It just sorts everything alphabetically. Same seems to be true for MobiPlayer on my iPad. When I use, for example, Windows Media Player to play the Twonky-served audio files (on my WD My Cloud Server) they show up in track order.


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