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New NAS hardware recommendations

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:47 pm
by ejhh
I've been using Twonky software and Buffalo Linkstations for 10 years now since they seem to work very well for me.
Since I'm running out of NAS disk space I need to upgrade

I've tried Synology and Buffalo's latest NAS but neither handle my music properly. (Both support departments admit shortcomings**)
I've looked at Western Digital but I think their latest 'My Cloud Home' no longer supports Twonky.

I've also looked at Plex but it doesn't seem to handle large numbers of music files very well.

Can anyone recommend new hardware that will run Twonky (since I know that works).
I need a minimum of 3 - 4 TBytes and don't need raid.
I don't have a big budget (<£200 or <~$250)


** Synology & Buffalo short comings are I can't browse music by genre>artist>album>Track. Duh!!

Re: New NAS hardware recommendations

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:38 pm
by MrHarmony
I know this reply comes late, but perhaps it'll be useful to someone.

I've been using a QNAP NAS (TS-212e, 2 x 4TB mirrored WD Red drives) for the last several years and am VERY happy, overall. One aspect of note - recently (2017), QNAP discontinued free use of Twonky but if you paid for a license (as I did), not an issue ... currently running Twonky 8.5.1, which has been solid.

One thing to tell you ... stay AWAY from Thecus ... their prices are good based on specs, but their support team doesn't know what they're doing at all. After trying to deploy a Thecus NAS for two months (with constant support from guys in Taiwan), I gave up. Intermittent problems with dropped connections, and file transfer hiccups (read and write). Over the exact same network, no issues with my previous DLink NAS units, nor my QNAP that I bought to replace the Thecus. For perspective, I've made my living from technology since 1978 (application development, networking, general consulting) and teach networking at the university level (since I was CCNP-certified for over a decade, much of the focus is on Cisco platforms, but not exclusively so). And completely independently, I found another professor at my college who has a Thecus boat anchor for similar reasons.

I've also heard you can't go wrong with Synology, though I have no direct experience. And yes, they're more costly.