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Trying to Make a New Folder

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:39 pm
by augusto
Hello guys, i need some help because i've been trying to make a new folder, but it simple doesnt work

I tried reading this user manual: ... t.a.Glance

The problem is: i dont know much about NAS devices, my boss asked me to do this task, so i tried a lot of things, and none of them worked

Im not even sure if this manual is the right manual, because i could not find anywhere more info about this NAS, the only thing i know is: it has been in use for 2 years already

This is a pic from the sharing

I tried clicking on New Folder and puting the /Act in, but it simple doesnt work

Here is the place where i need to create a new folder:

here is the status page:

How could i fix this problem? Thanks in advance