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Twonky Server Running fine, but clients fail to see all videos?

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:38 pm
by jdawgwill
Ok, so I have a WD Wireless Passport Pro 4TB. Loaded 195 Videos onto it, Twonky server running and shows 195 videos as indexed.

Using android tablets, trying to access the media server and it will only show 85 videos, no matter which client I try. Used the usual suspects like VLC for Android, etc.

Then, somehow I stumbled upon another media player called SPMC, which somehow saw all the video files. And then, once I played a video file in this program, if I go to the other media players suddenly they can all be seen again???

Has anyone seen any issues like this, and how to solve? It does not make sense to me that it could be seen one time by one media player but not by others.

All the videos are in one folder, not separate folders for each title.

Are there other naming convention issues, or other considerations for an issue like this?