MP4 video indexed as audio

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MP4 video indexed as audio

Post by joshuas » Mon May 06, 2019 8:00 pm


I recently bought a WD MyCloud E2X Ultra NAS, shipped with Twonky 7.2.9-13
Several MP4 video's are indexed as audio file, I have tried options like renaming them to m4v.
Some are indexed as video after renaming, some are not.

I didn't check all the false indexed MP4 files, but the most that I checked are MP4 files created on a Samsung S9 with Android 9, but discovered that doesn't index MP4 video's created with Samsung Sx devices since, in my case 2016. I noticed a difference in the MP4 headers, there is a line with the android version: : 9
(the video's in 2016 have version 6.1)

See the attached header files (i changed the filenames en GEO params in the files). samsung is indexed as audio, the MP4_header.txt indexed as video.

Is this a Samsung issue or is it Twonky? How to solve this, without re-encoding the falsely indexed files?
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