Twonky server restarts continuously and rebuilds the database

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Twonky server restarts continuously and rebuilds the database

Post by EOlsen » Mon Sep 21, 2020 11:58 am


I use Townky Server 6.0.34 on Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Version: The media files where copied from pc and streamed from TV, PC and Bose Soundtouch. This constellation ran perfectly for several years.
After a power failure the Server restarts continuously and rebuilds the database.
I have deleted all media files from ix2-200 and after that I copied music and video files to ix2-200. While copying music and video files does the server not restarted. The Server runtime was longer than a day.
Thereafter I copied the pictures to ix2-200. And now the server restarts again. (after several minutes or hours)

Can I prevent the restart? If yes, how?
Is there a way to determine which file may be causing the crash? If yes, how?



In the soho.log I found the following messages.

2020/09/21 13:24:41.807536: executord[1289.1315]: (1324) WARNING: Restarting 'twonkymedia' due to excess memory usage (67792896 used, 67108864 allowed)
2020/09/21 13:24:41.983172: executord[1289.1315]: (1245) DIAGNOSTIC: restarting process 'twonkymedia'.
2020/09/21 13:24:53.907505: executord[1289.1315]: (1528) DIAGNOSTIC: Started twonkymedia[29621]

What can I do?

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