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Any tips for proper sorting?

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:40 am
by Skeeve
I have a copy of my iTunes Library on my QNAP Nas where Twonky is active.
Recently I bought a Block SR-200 MKII which can access Twonky.
So I made Twonky share this copy.

Unfortunately all my effort to order Artists in iTunes properly is ignored by Twonky.
Reason is that iTunes seems to stor sort information in Tags not accessible by Twonky.

Is there any way I can convince Twonky to sort "The Beatles" as "Beatles, The" and "The Alan Parsons' Project" as "Alan Parson's Project, The" as well as sorting "Alan Parsons" as "Parsons, Alan"?

Maybe it's also possible, at the same time, to tell Twonky to sort albums by year?