Buffalo Linkstation; remove and reinstall from scratch

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Buffalo Linkstation; remove and reinstall from scratch

Post by wellsi » Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:58 am

Hi guys
Last year I followed Wheely30KM's excellent thread on how to flash the firmware on the Linkstation and get TwonkyMusic3.1 running.

It worked great, but given the nice bug in 3.1 of resorting music tracks, I want to upgrade to teh latest version.
However, the Twonky NAS installers are failing (always at the "bash-2.05a# " commands.)
This means I'm stuck and can't upgrade at all; I guess part of the original installation had a slightly different setting / location to what the Twonky installers are expecting.

Having tried to sort this for days, and having no clue how to do anything in Linux, I'd prefer to start from scratch, remove everything and start again.

I've backed up all the files to a seperate USB HD, so I just want to totally format the linkstation and do a fresh install of the beta 4.5 Twonky released today.

Would anyone suggest I:
A: Reflash the Linkstation (happy to do this; I wonder if that is sufficient to erase the current Twonky installation?)

B: Instead of reflashing, can I just remove the current installation so a new installation will simply auto install? (if so, I assume this would have to be done via some unknown linux commands?)

Sorry to sound so plotless; I'd like to think I'm actually very good with all this; it's just a total lack of experience with Linux.
Any help / advice V gratefully received; can't believe I'm the only person in this boat...


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