Twonkymedia 4.4 on Linkstation MIPS

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Twonkymedia 4.4 on Linkstation MIPS

Post by msandover » Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:24 pm

Thank you in advance for any comment/support.

Twonky 4.4 was running very well on my Linkstation 160 for a long time. Had no issues until recently.

I need to reinstall. Even though I've found and downloaded and run NASSETUP.exe from the Twonky website where they hid "4.4 MIPS" or something like that it refuses to install anything saying "Twonkymedia or Twonkymusic is missing". I understand that Twonky's not into supporting NAS installs anymore so it just might be dead software and that's too bad. :(

I paid for a license(s) for 4.4 a year ago and Twonky has emailed me both of the keys so that's cool. What could be missing from where NASSETUP is looking that it won't complete the 4.4 installation (It won't even get as far as letting me enter the IP address for the NAS)? I am able to successfully install 4.1 to the Linkstation from an older NASSETUP that I have on my C: drive but NASSETUP.exe for 4.4 doesn't overwrite or even re-install over the 4.1. I'd really rather be running 4.4 if I can get it back and get it to install!

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Re: Twonkymedia 4.4 on Linkstation MIPS

Post by joergl2007 » Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:19 pm

I don't want to create double postings, there please take a look here: ... 083#p19296

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