Problems streaming DivX/Xvid but not H.264?

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Problems streaming DivX/Xvid but not H.264?

Post by cockbongo » Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:44 pm

Hi - new to the forum but hoping someone can help me.

I use TM 4.4.9 on a Thecus NAS 2100 to stream to a PS3 through a wired network. Have been for about a year now, works an absolute treat. I usually stream HD material, 720p/1080p H.264 video in VOB containers (sometimes names MPG or AVi - i use MKV2VOB a lot) to the PS3 and it plays them wonderfully - couple of seconds of buffering at the beginning but after that no problems with stuttering or anything. Even with 15GB+ movies in 1080p with full 5.1 AC3 soundtracks, it works fine.

The problem i'm having is streaming *other* video files - pretty much any DivX/Xvid file, whether 175MB/350MB/700MB/1.3GB movies or TV. Periodically through the playback the sound will separate from the video - sound stops first, then 5 seconds later picture stops, then 5 secs later they come back together. This repeats over and over again, and makes them unwatchable.

I've played these files locally from the PS3 and they work fine - so it's not the file or the PS3.
It can't be the network as it manages to stream videos with bitrates of over 10mb/s with no problems at all. The NAS box itself has no problems managing that level of output so I just can't understand why it has problems with the *small* files??!!

That leaves the server software itself. Anyone have *any* idea what i can do to fix this? Anyone else have issues with XviD? I upgraded to 4.4.9 recently and the problem is still there.


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Re: Problems streaming DivX/Xvid but not H.264?

Post by oranges » Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:19 pm

I've been having the same problem. I'm using 4.6.6. Almost every divx movie I watch pauses. sound goes first then video, then they come back together. It has just started happening in the last 3 weeks or so.

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