Artwork is possible but why wont it work?

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Re: Artwork is possible but why wont it work?

Post by wax_job » Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:30 pm

cessna1466u wrote:No one, 4 days on here and not a single answer?

Prolly because it looks like any of these 'NAS' systems with twonky 'built-in' means that it wont work right with streaming artwork.

What I want is some sort of upgrade path for every device that they pre-installed (AND GOT PAID FOR) twonky on... Either that, or a spreadsheet of Device, Version of Twonky Preinstalled, and what that Device/Versions capabilities/limitations are to each DMR/DMP whatever you call em...

Otherwise, it seems like a crapshoot of which product you bought, what version of twonky is on it, and what devices/features it supports (completely, or limited).

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