Maxtor MSS II installation

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AV Hardware: Maxtor MSS II

Maxtor MSS II installation

Post by crisme » Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:15 am

I am currently running Central Axis on my Maxtor MSS II NAS drive, I am looking to install Twonky on the NAS drive, but I am not sure how to do this and which version to install, can somebody provide a step by step instruction set.

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Re: Maxtor MSS II installation

Post by prmusic » Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:42 pm

hi crisme.

To be able to install Twonky Media Server on a MSS II you have to ensure that you are running a telnet enabled firmware on your MSS II. There is an alternative firmware available for Central Axis on the MSS II which I am using with Twonky as well.
For details and download links you can visit this forum:
There are several threads discussing it. On of those is here:

But you can find more if you search that forum.

Personally I would recommend you to use TMS 4.4.18 with the MSS II as it runs without problems on my MSS II.
Once you have activated it I would suggest to swich off the automated folder watch otherwise the hardisks on the MSS would always search for new content. I configured it to 1440 minutes to have one scan every 24 hours.

Hope this will help.


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Re: Maxtor MSS II installation

Post by Brinki » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:41 am

First download the Custom Firmware 3.5.74 from openMSS ... 1150#p5612
download the newest Twonky Server for MSS2 ...
(for later installs
Install the Custom Firmware under "System Maintenance" "System Update" Manual Install"
Reboot the MSS
Then go to "Advanced Features" "Advanced Configuration" "Services" and activate "utelnetd Telnet-Daemon [R]"
(only available on English setup)
Create under "Shared Folder Management" a folder " Public " (must be written in that way, without the " !!! )
create a folder " twonky " in the Public folder
unzip "twonkymedia-mss2xxx" and copy all unziped files to te folder " twonky " on your MSS2
run the " nassetup.exe " and check the "Accept" button, uncheck the " uninstall old server " box and follow the instructions (to get the ip adress of your MSS2, start "Maxtor Manager")
reboot your MSS2 and go to the twonky page on your MSS2 ( NAS-IP-Adress:9000 )

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