[WHS] Twonky Media Remote Acces at WHS Homepage

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[WHS] Twonky Media Remote Acces at WHS Homepage

Post by RaEyE » Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:33 pm

recently I'm trying to implement the "Twonky Media Server 6" Remote Access at the "Windows Home Server" (WHS) Homeage.
To be more precisely at the "/remote" directory.
A usual link by using the Remote Port (Standard is 9000 I think?) works pretty fine, but needs a Port Forwaring throug the router.

So what I really want to do, is to implement the Remote Acces within the WHS Homepage, so that the standard HTTP or HTTPS Port is used, when opening the remote control.
Has anybody already tried something like this and might be able to support me with some information, tipps or even a script?

Btw. Thw WHS uses ASPnet.


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