DNS 323 v6.0.23 rescan issue

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DNS 323 v6.0.23 rescan issue

Post by ahodgey » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:06 am

Just upgraded to v6.0.23 from v4.4.18. All seems to be going well, seems noticebly snappier, custom menus work etc. Small issue with the folder art needing the folder.jpg to have a capital F (Folder.jpg).

Seem to have a minor issue with rescanning.

If I add a new video to the share and perform a rescan content directories from the maintenance screen then it will detect the new video and add it so it can be streamed ok.

The issue comes when I delete a video. If I perform a rescan it doesnt remove it, the count of videos on the server status screen stays the same etc. and the video is available in the list but if you try and stream it you get an error saying invalid file.

Not a massive problem but a slight annoyance. A database rebuild fixes the problem.

Any one else have this issue?

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