TwonkyServer and My Itunes Database on a QNAP 219P+

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TwonkyServer and My Itunes Database on a QNAP 219P+

Post by revskie » Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:26 am

I wanted to have my stand alone dedicated music server for my Itunes based music collection and my research has led me to Twonky.

As a proof of concept, I downloaded the 30-day free trial of the TwonkyMediaServer and installed it on my PC where my Itunes database resides and it worked perfectly. I was able to wirelessly stream my entire media collection to my Denon AVR3808 and several Denon S-32 players deployed in each room of our home. I was able to see all my music files and all my created playlists and play them perfectly.

This inspired me to purchase a QNAP TS219P+ to serve as my standalone music server given its Twonky capability and hooked it up on our network and did the following:

1. Created an Itunes shared folder in the NAS;
2. Manually copied my Itunes Folder inclusive of all files from the PC (i.e. artwork, itl files, music files etc etc....) to the NAS Itunes Shared folder;
3. Downloaded the QPKG TwonkyServer plug in and installed it to the NAS.

The performance of this set-up is way different in my earlier proof of concept. Here are my problems:
1. My playlists are gone;
2. I only see 2800++ music files versus my 12,000+++ music files in the Itunes database;

What did I do wrong?

Are the TwonkyManager for PC and the TwonkyMedia for NAS different?

I hope Twonky can upgrade the NAS version to follow the PC version.

Appreciate if you guys can help me sort this out.


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