WAS700 and ogg internet radios

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WAS700 and ogg internet radios

Post by dropy » Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:03 pm

My WAS700 can't play interenet radios which are in OGG format.
I'm using Twonky 4.4.2 as UPnP server.

I've tried to browse OGG online radio trough Twonky with IE7 and I see that the server proxy request and try to stream to IE7 mp3 instead OGG.

the URL in browser look like - ... RADIO1.mp3

Unfortunately IE didn't open this stream with one of its pluguns (Real Player for exampe) like it done when I browse mp3 from my shared folders, instead IE gives (HTTP 404 Not Found).

I think that the same error is happend when WAS700 is traing to access the same stream.

Does anyone face the same problem?
Is there any solution ...?!?

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Re: WAS700 and ogg internet radios

Post by dave2002 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:28 pm

My WAS700 can't play interenet radios which are in OGG format.
I'm having similar issues with my SLA5520 which can
only play WMA and MP3. I want to be able to play aac+ format streams, so I'm trying to get on the fly transcoders working.

I don't think I've succeeded yet, but I feel I'm very close. You could also try other media servers, such as Tversity and even WMP.
My Philips device will recognise more than one media server, and they can run on different machines. I'm happy to try to see if I can get OGG streams to work for you with my device and report back. I'll need a stream which can't possibly be confused with one in a different format, so if there are any stations which only put out in OGG format that'd be helpful.

Maybe you've fixed this by now - seems your posting was some while back.

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