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2008 Philips **PFL9*03* LCDTV serie

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:43 pm
by MartiniB
im not so interested on Twonky till a day it will support transcoding, just like report some things:
on add mapped drive('H:\') twonky didnt found any file,
but when added network path(\\\bigdisk) got crashed XP and thats repeated after XP reboot again and again

tv has similar client as two year old serie **PF9*31*,
but currently supports only mp3; jpeg; mpeg; vob instead old brother supports also avi and some divx
BUT new model suport HD content trough mpeg2(got played some with TVersity)

any of tested can play *.ts(mpeg2) files recorded by sat-receiver Dreambox