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Philips 32PFL9603D TV and Lacie Disk with Twonky Media

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:15 pm
by marcben
Good afternoon,
I already posted my experience in another forum, but received no reply, so I try to ask somebody in this different forum.
I bought a LaCie Ethernet Disk mini - Home Edition - 500GB, with HipServ from Axentra and Twonky Media installed, and I'm trying to share multimedia content from it to my Philips 32PFL9603D/10 32" LCD Colour TV, which has integrated DLNA client capabilities and is connected to the same network as the LaCie disk.
The HipServ has been upgraded to version 1.6.2.
The problem is my TV is always able to detect a TVersity media server running on one PC, and an AcerMediaServer running on another, but it is not always able to discover the HipServ Media Server on the Lacie Disk.
In order to make it connect to the disk, I must go to the network settings of the TV, then select "fixed IP", than select back DHCP and then finally most of the times it detects the Disk and correctly shows its contents.
But sometimes the connections fails after a few minutes, while some other times it is quite reliable.
When the connection is up and working, the digital contents are displayed and played very well, i've alreday tried with pictures, music and videos and evrything works fine.
When I shut off the TV, the whole process must be repeated from the beginnig most of the times.
It seems the synchronization process between the two devices has some problem, but I can't understand where it can be.
Some days ago I also bought a brand new NetGear Fast Ethernet Switch, model FS605.
So, now, the Lacie Disk and my Philips TV are connected to two ports of the NETGEAR switch.
But the problem still remains the same: in order to make my TV detect the HipServ, I must go to the Network settings in the TV menu and change between Static IP mode or DHCP mode.
When I change between the two modes, most of the times the TV correctly detects the HipServ and shows the contents, but after I shut off and then on again the TV, the HipServ is no more detected.
Since you are members of the DLNA organization and Philips is a member too, why don't you speak to one another and please try to solve my problem?
Do you have any suggestions in order to solve my problem?
Do you need any more information in order to help me?
Thank you in advance and best regards.

Marco Benedetti

Re: Philips 32PFL9603D TV and Lacie Disk with Twonky Media

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:14 pm
by agb007
I would try to turn off upnp on the router ...but it's just a guess.
Doesen't explain why it doesen´t connect but the reliability.


Re: Philips 32PFL9603D TV and Lacie Disk with Twonky Media

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:15 pm
by marcben
agb007 wrote:I would try to turn off upnp on the router ...
Thank you, agb007.
I tried to turn the upnp function on and off, but no changes..
I also tried to connect just the TV and the NAS through the Netgear switch, but without improvements.
As for now I have found no solution.

But tomorrow is another day...