problem with TMS 5.1.3 on Buffalo Linkstation pro & video

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AV Hardware: Buffalo Link Station Pro with TMS 5.1.3
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problem with TMS 5.1.3 on Buffalo Linkstation pro & video

Post by thoha1970 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:32 pm

Dear all,
I'm using TMS 5.1.3 on my Buffalo Linkstation pro.
Client is a Philips 42PFL9664 TV.
The Philips TV is connected via Wifi to the network (radio quality about 80%).
When streaming videos (e.g. resolution 640x352) from the Linkstation, unfortunately the video judder.
When streaming videos with low resolution (e.g. 384x288), no judder is visible on the Philips TV.

When I stream the same "troublemaking" video from my IBM Thinkpad with Win7 on it by using WMP from Win7 to the Philips TV (even via the same Wifi connection), no judder is visible.

So the Wifi could not be the cause for the problem.

For me it looks like, the Linkstation is not powerful enough in terms of processor speed a/o cache memory to stream the videos via TMS 5.1.3.

Also with TMS 5.1 the behaviour is the same.

Is there any setting in TMS to improve the situation (e.g. increase cache,...)?
Do somebody else have running such a configuration (TMS 5.x on a Buffalo LS pro) without the described problem of judder?

Thank you in advance for your helpful answers.

Best regards.


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