Twonky 6.0.28 on Philips PFL7605H picture is too bright

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Twonky 6.0.28 on Philips PFL7605H picture is too bright

Post by masaeN » Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:34 am


I have a new Philips PFL7605H TV. Great picturequality and all but if i want to play files over Twonky Server i encountered an error. So i've googled a little bit and found this here in the forum:

[quote="welverin"]yes great !

it works but...

"philips streamiun av" setting bypass dlna protocol (use command DLNANO in client.db), i think it is send a simple upnp/http link

so no feature are available like rewind/fastforward

however, thank you very much !
i tried some philips stremiun settings but not this one

this is a simple workaround, but i am waiting for correct settings in "philips tv" selection with complete dlna feature like fastforward[/quote]

So i changed the generic settings to this an it worked fine but like he said no rewind/fastforward but thats not the problem. If i play a demo 1080p movie (.mp4) over twonky server 6.0.28 the movie is really bright not like the imagesettings i done in the setup so i wondered and played the same demomovie over the ps3 and twonk 6.0.28, and the colors are now correct.

So my question: is this a known problem? and will it be fixed with the right dlna settings? it is because the settings i changed in the device configuration?

Sorry for my bad english and thank you for the help.

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