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Philips NP-2500: 4-star rating does not work

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:09 am
by GSC20
Hi, on my Qnap 119 runs Twonky (the version shipped with the latest firmware). The songs I have reviewed from the PC (1-5 star). If I put the music with my Philips Streamium NP-2500 (except for the speaker identical to NP-2900) wants to play, this works almost perfect were it not for this problem with the assessment. The device detects the Twonky playlists created automatically (eg recently played, the highest ratings, most recently added). With "high ratings" seem to me the 5-star rated songs. There are under a different menu option in the NP-2500, the possibility of pieces of music with a certain rating to select specific manner, that all the tracks with an asterisk, all the tracks with 2 stars, etc. This all ratings on the pieces will work with 4 stars. I had described it to the support of Philips and rejected by that this is a problem of NP-2500, it would be contrary to Twonky. I can point out the media directories Rescan, restarted the server, in the meantime even the latest beta version of Twonky installed before, but this remains a "phenomenon" in the evaluations with the 4 stars. The NP-2500 I have set the meantime also been to the factory settings and installed the latest firmware, unfortunately this was not successful. Do you have an idea where the fox is buried and how to fix this? Thank you for your effort and time ...