Please post your Internet TV experiences here

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Please post your Internet TV experiences here

Post by Twonky_Rick » Sat May 16, 2009 4:05 pm

I know from the e-mails that I receive that quite a few of you use TwonkyMedia server with Internet-ready TVs. Please share your experiences on this here.

Which products work the best for photos?
Which products work the best for videos?
Are there any issues you're having that you'd like to see fixed?

- Rick
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Re: Please post your Internet TV experiences here

Post by wdmbweuser » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:28 pm


I have recently added a WD My Book World Edition NAS drive (pre-installed with TwonkyVision 4.4.9w) to my home network and am having some issues streaming music to the TV (which is a Sony W4500 DLNA certified TV with Ethernet connection - displays photos and music but not video on this model). Music tracks in the example below are 256kbps mp3 tracks ripped from CD to PC using WMP11 and then resulting directory copied to My Book World Edition Public/Shared Music directory. i.e. mp3 file is in folder with album title under artist name folder under the Shared Music Folder as per structure WM11 creates on PC.

What works:
I can stream music to the TV using Windows Media Player 11 / Media sharing OK to the TV. This has worked since before NAS / Twonky.

I can stream music from Twonky on the NAS to WMP11 on a PC on the home network.

What does not work:
I can see the the Twonky media server from the TV and stream photos OK and the first 30 seconds of mp3 tracks in the "Public/Shared Music" folder on the NAS, after which the music stops with "Playback not available" message on TV. This is true of any track.


I have even used an ethernet crossover cable between the TV and the NAS with static IP addresses on both to remove the home network / firewall /switch from the equation - still no difference in results.

Have copied mp3 file to the shared music folder directly (no sub folders) same result.

During the first 30s of the music track the TV does play, the artist is "Unknown" when playing from Twonky but correct when playing on TV from WMP11

On the TV all public NAS folders are visible on both the Photo and music TV menus. When the Windows media server is selected on the TV, only the relevant music or photo folder is diplayed.

I have tried a variety of Twonky settings but all with the same result, including the default / Simple tree menu settings.

Please can you help. Thanks.

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Re: Please post your Internet TV experiences here

Post by gsayer » Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:02 pm

Samsung LED HDTV connected via ethernet cable to primary router of home network
iMac PowerPC G5 2GHz, 2GB memory running Mac OS X 10.4.11 (aka 'Tiger')
Seagate 'FreeAgent' 500gb drive attached via USB port to iMac
Backup drive has all video files in variety of formats (DVIX, MP4)

What Works
The Samsung TV can see the media, although it displays a 3 tier folder structure; photos, music, video which is duplicated via the TM server. TwonkyMedia Server recognises there is a uPNP compliant device attached on the network only as a 'Generic Media Receiver'

What Doesn't Work
  • 1.The recognition of the media receiver. Samsung purports to support DLNA 2.0, but TwonkyMedia server only detects it as a Generic device
    2. The system plays about 30-45min of video and drops the connection. I've checked that the iMac is not going to sleep. The FreeAgent drives do have a idle mode but not sure if this is running.

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Re: Please post your Internet TV experiences here

Post by marckarasek » Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:38 am

New KDL-46W5100, attached to a Sony A/V Receiver for 5.1 sound.

TwonkyMedia Server 5.1 running on Fedora Core 11
Dual Core AMD Athlon 2 GB Memory

I have been able to stream video. On some videos I have had issues with the audio dropping out. The AV receiver shows that it is reaquiring the audio signal. This maybe an issue with the TV/AV Receiver. If I run the same stream through my HTPC (Vista running XBMC) then there are no issues. I have found some videos that seem to behave
better. (Still investigating).

Cannot seem to get CC to work. I have ripped the DVDs to VOB files with CC and I can see the CC when playing through the XBMC HTPC. But, I cannot get the TV to display the CC...

Have not tried pics or music yet. Next on my list..

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Re: Please post your Internet TV experiences here

Post by BenM » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:22 pm

Panasonic P42G15B, wired network.

Works fine - literally install TMS 5.1.2 software on XP, select media server on TV for browsing photos (though I have feature requests regarding Media Streams for TMS 5.1.3 - see the TMS section of the Twonky forums)


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