Video duration incorrectly shown

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Video duration incorrectly shown

Post by sdprice1 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:51 pm

I raised ticket #2010042020000498 over 2 months ago and still haven't had any replies?

The problem being that Twonky sends the incorrect video duration to my PS3 (via UPnP messages that I've captured using Wireshark). The PS3 then won't display the timeline correctly.

* I am using TwonkyMedia 4.4.9, running on a SuSE Linux machine (SuSE 11.2)
* I am using a PS3 as my UPnP client (PS3 firmware 3.30)
* (I also have a license for TwonkyMedia 5.1.3 but it doesn't stream my recorded .ts files - the PS3 shows something like "invalid data" - so I am sticking with 4.4.9)
* I am recording DVB-T programs from the UK Oxford transmitter, using DVB-T tuners fitted to the Linux machine
(The recording just writes the transmitted stream data directly into the file).

File format:
* Recorded files are in transport stream format (.ts file, mpegts) as per ISO 13818-1
* File consists of:
* Video stream - video codec mpeg2video ISO 13818-2
* Audio stream - audio codec mp2 ISO 11172
* PAT stream (see ISO 13818-1)
* PMT stream (see ISO 13818-1)

* I also use ffmpeg to encapsulate the audio+video in an mpeg file using:
ffmpeg -i file.ts -vcodec copy -acodec copy file.mpeg
(so I have the original recorded .ts file, and an mpeg version of the same data).

* Using the PS3 as UPnP client shows both the .ts file and it's transcoded .mpeg file (in a video medu) to have shorter duration (for example a 30 minute video will show as 9 minutes)
* ffmpeg or mediainfo programs show the files with the correct duration
* Playing the videos with vlc shows the correct duration and plays correctly
* UPnP Streaming the .ts file on PS3 - PS3 only allows skipping/selecting play point in the video within the incorrect duration (e.g. 9 minutes).
* PS3 *does* actually play the whole video (just that the timebar still shows incorrect duration)
* UPnP Streaming the .mpeg (transcoded version) of the same file, which also shows the wrong duration - when the PS3 opens the file it then shows the correct duration (I assume the PS3 works out the mpeg file duration for itself, but can't do that for the .ts file?).

* I've "wireshark"d the UPnP and I can see that Twonky is reporting the wrong (shorter) duration to the PS3 for both the .ts file and it's .mpeg version
* Recording 30 minute examples from all of the channels available in the UK, it appears that all of the BBC channels are shown by Twonky with the correct duration; whereas channels 'Channel 4', 'Five', 'ITV1', 'Film4' etc show with the wrong (shorter) duration.
* If you do not have access to UK broadcasts, I can easily provide example files?

* Twonky is not reporting the correct video duration for .ts file (and .mpeg version) for some reason.
* I'd like the ocrrect duration reported so that:
* The video duration shows properly in the video menus
* The PS3 seems to require the correct duration for .ts files so that the PS3 can provide proper video navigation
* I currently have to take the extra step of trasncoding my recordings into mpeg so that I get the video navigation, but the durations are still displayed incorrectly in the video menu.