transcoding failed

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transcoding failed

Post by traveler » Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:07 pm


the DLNA client in my TV does not recognize the files from my Linux VDR. Therefore i want to use
TMS to transcode the files.

In the logfile i can found this:

19:30:55:686 [Info] - LOG_SYSTEM: transcode_this_item : transcode /mnt/opt/vdr/video.00/Wetter/Tagesschau/Mon_06.12.2010-20#3A00/2010-12-
19:30:55:686 [Trace] - LOG_SYSTEM: transcode_this_item : MPEG --> /var/twonkymedia/twonkymedia/db/cache/776be3ce244776cb5fc3161d1312d5bd/MPEG/001.vdr.mpg
19:30:55:686 [Info] - LOG_SYSTEM: system_call_waiting_prio : strProg /usr/bin/ffmpeg
19:30:55:686 [Info] - LOG_SYSTEM: system_call_waiting_prio : strParam -i "/mnt/opt/vdr/video.00/Wetter/Tagesschau/Mon_06.12.2010-20#3A00/2010-12-" -vcodec mpeg2video

If i run the ffmpeg command with exact this parameters it produces a mpeg file which can be viewed on the TV.
What can i do to get transcoding working?

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