List of enabled media receivers is HUGE

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AV Hardware: DNS-320L
Running Twonky 7.0.11

List of enabled media receivers is HUGE

Post by ironhide001 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:08 pm


I have managed to install Twonky without too much trouble on DNS-320L. I have put about 80GB of music on it, and all seemed to be fine until last night, when the 320 seemed to be constantly wirring away and not going into sleep mode. When i checked the Twonky server via IE, a device was listed in the enabled media receivers about 40 times. Until last night i had about 5 things in there (PS3, Samsung TV, 1 android tablet, and 2 unknown (i assumed they were my phones). Now my Android phone (running 2.3.6) appears over and over again. I checked the mac address via my sky router/phone and they matched the one in Twonky, so i know its the phone thats appearing. I have turned phone on and off....still does it. I have cleared the enabled media receivers list on just starts filling straight backup again and i have restarted the NAS drive, but with the same outcome. Has anyone come across this before? Is it my phone thats more likely the problem here as no other device seems to be doing this?


TwonkyMedia version 7.0.11
Server hardware DNS-320L
Operating System Win8.1
Type(s) of media you are having problems with
How many files you have in your database
Network type (Wired/Wireless) Wired to Sky router (Sky SR101). Wireless to other devices around house

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