QPKG Download error By QNAP HS-210 NAS

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QPKG Download error By QNAP HS-210 NAS

Post by brabeman » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:46 am

Hello! everyone!

I'm using a Nas(with QNAP HS-210)

But I'm not working Twonkey Media DLNA server.

I reset the device.

So I tried to reinstall it and it is not supported by qnap.

I'm trying to install TRIAL VERSION, but I do not know what file to get.

The CPU of my equipment is ARM (MAVELL) series.

I want to download the ARM TYPE QPKG, but I still get an error.

So I do not get QPKG.

I want to download TRIAL and purchase the license formally.

Can you download the QPKG TRIAL version available on my NAS and send it to

Please. I have been struggling for a few days, and I have just learned
about FORUM.

My e-mail address is brabeman@gmail.com

Thank you

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