OS for a DIY NAS server for a semi-newb consumer? Win? OSX? *nix?

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OS for a DIY NAS server for a semi-newb consumer? Win? OSX? *nix?

Post by AlbertSalerno » Fri May 11, 2018 1:16 pm

Hello everyone,

I've been looking for a somewhat simple OS for a DIY NAS server I want to build. I want to upgrade from a very old Synology 110j 1bay NAS. Yes, I know 1bay is stupid. It was only meant to get my feet wet in the world of consumer NAS systems.All I'm asking is for something that can be easy to use (e.g. RAID5 not hard to set up, easy to lock down, etc) and hardened from outside hackers. It will be just to store computer backups and documents and occasionally as a media server for dvdrips I have.Windows Server 2012 seems to be recommended, but I haven't really used Windows as my main OS in years. Don't want to drop it in a server and get viruses on day one because I forgot to secure it correctly. Also don't want to rely on too many third-party apps for things like firewall, antivirus, and antimalware on a server.I've been using OS X as my main OS, but recent 0day bugs and blunders from Apple make me hesitant to use OS X Server Edition. (If I did, it would be on a used Mac Pro)Last is some flavor of *nix. I played with LiveCDs from Ubuntu and SuSe a few years back, but that was about it. Outside of installing those distros and installing a few themes, I never really used them. FreeNAS looks great, but I'm very inexperienced with *unix, ssh, and the terminal.What do you Arsians recommend and why?

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