is there a MPEG2 file size limit? 4 GB ?

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is there a MPEG2 file size limit? 4 GB ?

Post by jbeale » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:09 pm

I just got a PS3 so I'm new to all this. I would like to stream 1080i MPEG2 .m2t files from my PC to the PS3. These are taken straight from my Sony HDV camcorder with no edits, no recoding etc.

I have the PS3 & PC connected via wired ethernet (100 Mbps). I've tried both TwonkyMedia and also TVersity. This works for some files. What the PS3 does play: any small .m2t file, eg. less than 1 GB. What the PS3 does not play: a large .m2t file, eg. 8 GB (PS3 says "corrupt data"). All of these .m2t files play just fine on my PC using many different players, I don't think my file is corrupt. Is there some built-in limit preventing the PS3 from playing large MPEG2 .m2t files?

I'm worried there may be a 4 GB filesize limit. That would be be very annoying. 4 GB is only 20 minutes of HDV, but some of my files are one hour long (about 12 GB). Any help or suggestions would be most welcome!

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Re: is there a MPEG2 file size limit? 4 GB ?

Post by brox » Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:44 pm

Its not an mpeg limit but a fat32 limit and yes its just shy of 4gigs.
"The PS3 has a built-in software backup utility that can copy the PS3's hard drive contents to an external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive or a Memory Stick. The removable storage device must use the FAT32 file system in order for the PS3 to recognize it. If you have an external hard drive that's formatted in NTFS, you can use the Disk Management utility in Windows to reformat the drive, but you'll need to create partitions on large external hard drives because Windows can do only FAT32 on drives 32GB or smaller." ... 875,00.htm

if you streamed them into your ps3 though that might work... goodluck!

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Re: is there a MPEG2 file size limit? 4 GB ?

Post by TwinMoonsAnime » Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:52 am

Well, I'm not sure about MPEG2 files with the MPG extension but I was able to copy a 10GB .VOB file (which is MPEG2) to the PS3 from my media server and it played fine without any problems.

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