Really? No help for FLAC on DNS-323

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Really? No help for FLAC on DNS-323

Post by Matt » Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:49 pm

Hi, all. I'd posted a couple of times to see if anyone had any insights on how to get FLAC support for Twonkyvision on a DNS-323, but no replies. Is this either a) too stupid a question, b) too hard a question, or c) too obscure?

I figured there'd be plenty of folks wanting this capabilitly, and that someone must of figured it out.

So, a last ditch effort here: Can ANYONE help? I'm technically oriented, but honestly not too strong on some of the technical parts of Linux (if someone says compile this thing, I wouldn't know how to, but I could follow directions).

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I've gotten no replies from tech support at Twonky (not even a reply saying they couldn't help me).


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